Visualization Research Centre

Directed by Prof. Jeffrey Shaw

The Hong Kong Baptist University Visualization Research Centre (VRC), directed by Chair Professor Jeffrey Shaw, is a pioneering transdisciplinary initiative at the intersection of immersive interactive visualisation, aesthetics, culture and computer science. It promotes multisensory engagement using experimental platforms conjoining art and technology, and its innovative post-cinema frameworks provide an expanded set of creative affordances for all forms of cultural expression.

 VRC builds unique visualisation systems combined with powerful sonic architectures that are benchmarks in the realms of virtual, augmented and mixed realities. They leverage the latest technologies to address applications in expanded cinema, virtual museums, intangible and tangible cultural heritage, big data archives and multimedia performance. By deploying fully immersive display technologies amalgamated with the prodigious real-time capabilities of digital imaging, spatialized sound, multimodal sensing systems and AI-informed HCI, the Visualization Research Centre is innovating leading-edge cinematic experiences for the 21st century.