nVis is the world’s first 360-degree 3D LED cinematic screen, providing an enveloping environment where audiences can immerse themselves in fully surrounded real-world or computer-generated representations. Its cylindrical architecture is eight metres wide and four metres tall and consists of 400 LED panels providing a resolution of 2K x 13K totalling 26 million pixels. This expansive visual experience is amplified by a 32.4-channel surround sound system that in combination with under-floor transducers further substantiates its immersive qualities.


An integral aspect of nVis is its comprehensive instrumentarium of sensing technologies that enable individuals and groups of visitors to interact with the audiovisual surround. These HCI affordances include haptic interfaces, gaze direction and tracking, voice recognition, position, motion and gesture tracking. Supporting software enables the audiovisual manifold to react and respond to the sensory prompts so that co-evolutionary behaviour can be effectuated between the human interactors and the field of multimedia assets and virtual representations. This interoperable space of emergent engagement is geared to both individual and multi-user interaction, where various levels of machine autonomy can be calibrated according to application needs.