Nature Time

2023 | Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong

This work relates to Prof. Jeffrey Shaw’s pioneering 1989 installation the Legible City, where the viewer rides a bicycle to explore a virtual urban landscape. In Nature Time three such bicycles are arranged in a room facing three curved projection screens.  The projected imagery can be seen on both sides of these screens, and visitors can wander about between them as well as choose to ride one or other of bicycles. The projected imageries are prerecorded video sequences of bicycle journeys that explore various aspects of the gardens of Versailles, and the bicyclists in the exhibition simply control the speed of the video playback by pedalling faster or slower. 

Three bicycles allow museum visitors to interactively explore the gardens of Versailles, in an immersive mixed-reality three screen reconfiguration of its scenery.

This project was presented by the Leisure and Culture Services Department and French May Arts Festival, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Palace of Versailles.